Carpoolers #2 SOLD OUT

Publication date April 2016 / 19 X 30cm
Softcover, 112 pages, Offset printing
Edition of 470
Editorial Design by Roberto Salazar
Printed in Taiwan
Print supervision and production by Eanna de Freine
Published by Alejandro Cartagena
  • Description

    Carpoolers #2 Book by Alejandro Cartagena. Edition of 500. Self Published 2019

    In Carpoolers 2nd Edition by Alejandro Cartagena we see a completely new book. In his effort to create photobooks that are dynamic and exciting, he reimagined a way of design and sequence the work.

    Reviews of Carpoolers book

    “Carpoolers is essentially a fascinating group of still-life photographs taken from a highway overpass — a ‘typology’ (of sorts) of pickup-trucks, day laborers and commuting. Interesting design and a well thought package”. —JEFFREY LADD for Best books 2014 photoeye

    “One time, apparently, Alejandro rode in the back of a truck himself. To get the vibe. He made photographs with the camera pointed up, documenting the view, which often featured helicopters. Ferrying Monterrey’s wealthy elite? Or perhaps a cartel jefe? Who knows? But this is one book that will give you a peek into a world you couldn’t possibly know. And I was happy to see it, even if it distracted me from thinking about those 43 stolen boys. RIP”. JONATHAN BLAUSTEIN for aPhotoEditor

    “Inside Cartagena’s tightly framed photographs, only thin clouds, visible as reflections, hint at the complex environment in which this scenario plays out day after day for the carpoolers. To get a sense of their perspective as this project neared completion, Cartagena climbed into the bed of a pickup truck with his camera one Sunday morning. With their disorienting, diagonal lines and indistinct, partial glimpses, the images he made contrast starkly with the controlled uniformity characteristic of the principal series”.—CLAUDI CARRERAS

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