Carpoolers #3 Special Edition w/ Print (5 copies left)


Special edition Carpoolers 3rd Edition By Alejandro Cartagena


“Carpoolers is a deceptively powerful photobook, so well constructed that we’re suddenly eager to see more of something we had previously ignored”. — Loring Knoblauch for Collector Daily

Publication date 2019
19 X 30cm
Softcover, 112 pages, Offset printing
Edition of 490
Editorial Design by Roberto Salazar
Printed in Madrid by Brizzolis
Prepress La Troupe
Published by Alejandro Cartagena

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  • Description

    Special Edition Carpoolers Book by Alejandro Cartagena with Print. Self Published 2019 (Last Copies)

    Reviews of Carpoolers book

    “Although we have seen (the Carpoolers book) work before, what a pleasure to see how this selfpublished project, so cleverly combines the photos of the passing open plan trucks with their passengers laid out flat, but also the skies and scenes that can be viewed from the truck itself” —MARTIN PARR for Time Magazine Best Photobooks 2014

    “It’s useless to comment now on the impact that this series by Alejandro had last year and how effective his neutral approach to the subject was. In the book (brilliantly designed by him, by the way) he leaves some room to certain aspects that might have gotten lost in the transition from the camera to the wall, and that is why this book is great! The hypnotic repetitive beginning, respectful to the series as we’ve known it so far, slowly gets more and more interrupted by frames and pieces of frames that drive you into a new kind of hypnotic state but this time almost as if you were inside the car yourself looking at and experiencing the road not from above anymore”. —CRISTINA DE MIDDEL for Best Books of 2014 Photoeye


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